Love has several meanings but it could simply be described as a strong emotional relationship between two people; it used to be between two people of opposite sex but today it could be between two people of the same sex.
It is usually difficult to explain why two people love themselves hence it is said that love is blind; people do inexplicable things when in love. Someone in love can do anything for the one he/she loves. Love brings happiness but it can also be a source of unhappiness especially if it is one-sided. Love is said to increase the level of DOPAMINE but reduces the level of CORTISOL in the body. 

The benefits of love are due to this action. 
I believe that the best thing that can happen to someone in this world is to be loved and to love that same person.
1. Love improves your immunity
Being loved by the person you love increases your resistance against infections; such people are less likely to have such infections such as the common cold and several others 
2. It might help you live longer
Some studies have shown that married couples live longer including a study done by the United States Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Those in loving and steady relationships are generally happier than those who are alone or in bad relationships. With less stress, the heart is healthier; also the blood pressure is lower.
3. It makes your skin glow
People in love are generally happy, the skin tends to glow and look healthier.  According to studies such people have less of the hormone, CORTISOL circulating in their body. Less stress , less pimples, smoother skin. 
4. It improves self confidence
Those who are in love and are loved have more self-confidence; they do not suffer from low self-esteem. On the other hand, those not loved may feel worthless, tend to isolate themselves and suffer from loneliness.. 
5. It can regulate your menstrual period
Love is known to relieve stress or prevent stress a known cause of irregular menstrual periods or no menstrual periods in women. Consequently women who are loved by those they also love are more likely to have regular periods 
6. It can improve the health of your heart 
Being in love and being loved by someone you love can reduce your or improve your ability to cope with stress. 
Stress is a natural occurrence, no one passes through life without stressful periods, this could be due to deadlines, workload, relationships, natural disasters, death of loved ones, divorce and financial commitments. There are so many stressors in the society, some of these life events can be prevented, you can prepare your mind for some and weather the storm while the others could be ameliorated by self-control in case of unexpected natural and financial disasters.
Stress can increase your blood pressure and also the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus. The effects of the latter on blood vessels, including the blood vessels of the heart are well known.
7. It can reduce your perception of pain
Holding the hands of someone you love can reduce both physical and emotional pain. This happens all the time but that it is due to love is not easily discernible. You will find that you are suddenly emboldened even for an injection if someone you love is around, you feel the pain less.

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