Some people make a lot of noise while sleeping as they breathe in, this is called snoring. This condition is fairly common, about   25-40% of adults are said to snore with the condition more common in men than in women.
It is a sleep-disordered breathing problem due to narrowing of the “back of the mouth and nose” (throat) during sleep due to changes in position, relaxation of the muscles and some enlargement of some parts of the body at the back of the mouth.
Problems in the nose and /or the larynx (voice box) can also cause snoring.
The person who snores is never aware of the problem, he is told by the spouse or relation.  Apart from the embarrassment, snoring prevents the partner from sleeping with the possible complications of sleeplessness.
1.Physical Exercise
Regular physical exercise can help you fight snoring. Exercises strengthen the body muscles including the muscles at the back of the mouth and nose.  Strengthened muscles help to open the air passage and that reduces snoring.
Physical exercises also help to maintain normal body weight, obese people tend to snore more.
2.Weight Loss
As said above, obese persons are more prone to snoring; diet modification is therefore advised. less of carbohydrate, fat but more of fruits, vegetables and plant protein. Maintaining the normal body weight will help keep the air passage free.
3.Appropriate Sleep Position
Sleep position matters a lot when we talk of snoring. More people tend to snore when they sleep on their back; less when they sleep on their side.
 Again, it depends on the side on which they sleep; your partner will tell you the better side as the benefit is mutual.
4.Avoid alcohol
Alcohol tends to relax the muscles of the throat and jaws thus narrowing the air passage.
This encourages snoring.
5.Avoid Sleeping Pills
Sleeping pills and tranquilizers relax the muscles of the throat and jaws like other muscles in the body thus narrowing the air passage.
This encourages snoring.
6.Identify your Allergies.
Some people are allergic to certain substances including insecticides, pungent odours, mould, certain plant substances (pollen), dust, shaving powders, animal hair etc.
An allergy could cause swelling in the nostrils thus narrowing the air passage.
You can painstakingly identify what you are reacting to and avoid it.
7.See an ENT Surgeon 
You can see an ear/nose/throat surgeon who will examine your nose, throat and larynx. He may be able to find the cause of the problem and proffer a solution either surgical or medical.

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