In an American Academy of Dermatology News release, Dr. Joseph Sobanko, who is an Assistant Professor of Dermatology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia, USA, has said that scars can alter one’s appearance while some may consider scarring to be cosmetic concern, it can really affects a patient’s psychological health. He further explained that no treatment can remove scars completely and healing takes time, adding that people should look for a gradual improvement in appearance, rather than instantaneous results; there are steps patients should take to minimize scarring after suffering an injury or have a surgery, the most important precaution is to avoid any physical activity that could aggravate the wound and put it apart, such as sport or heavy lifting. He advised that the good idea is to apply petroleum jelly to the wound, protect it from sun’s ultraviolet rays which can cause scar to become discolored and noticeable.

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