Health Ministry Sets Up Emergency Plan to Reduce Maternal Mortality in Algeria.

 In a statement to APS, the director general of prevention and health promotion at the Health Ministry, Prof. Mesbah Smail stated that the Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform has set up an emergency plan aiming at maternal mortality,

which remains “high” despite efforts made by authorities in this field, and this plan aims at reducing mortality to 50 cases for 100,000 live births by 2019 against 60.3 currently.

Mesbah stated that public authorities “make great efforts through this plan that aims at reducing the maternal mortality rate (MMR),” stressing that “despite of investments devoted to the health sector in terms of improving the citizen’s living conditions, the MMR remains high compared with similar developing countries, adding that Besides, the national plan for accelerated reduction of mortal maternity focuses on five main goals accompanied with 20 measures.

The goals set by the plan relate to strengthening family planning, improving the quality of healthcare during pregnancy, birth and postpartum, and Through this plan, the Ministry intends to affect each woman to reduce disparities and strengthen the participation of women, families and nurses in the public health so that to achieve the expected result.

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