Liberia, Guinea, S/Leone, partners review Ebola crisis.

Medical personnel from Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone with their international partners have begun sharing views on clinical trials of vaccines that began about a year ago for the deadly Ebola disease,

the review workshop began on August 15, at a resort in Monrovia opened the corridor for the medical experts to share experiences on lessons learnt during the Ebola crisis and systems going forward to prevent a future outbreak.

Speakers discussed lessons learnt from the international research partnerships during the Ebola outbreak and how medical personnel and health authorities would apply those lessons to future research.

Dr. Mandy Kader Konde, Professor and Chair of the Department of Public Health of the University of Conakry and Chairman on Guinea Ebola Research Commission, has said in his presentation that need for partnership is quite significant in the research process., Guinea was alone tackling the outbreak, but in the process of the research Liberia and Sierra Leone are collaborating with his country.

He recommended that people in the region should be exposed to Science and vaccines to have the capacity to contain outbreaks and protect the population.

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