Zimbabwean health officials have reportedly said that at least 200 cases of typhoid have been recorded in Harare, adding that the country is on high alert following a cholera outbreak in Zambia. According to Daily News, the health and child care ministry said that they were no deaths recorded yet but more case were expected to emerge. “The suspected cases were reported from infectious Diseases Hospital recording 87, Southern District 58, West South West District 11 and Western District 37, all in Harare Province and seven at Harare Hospital,” the ministry was quoted as saying. A water crisis in the capital was one of the main causes of the infectious diseases, as people resorted to unsafe water sources, the report said. The deadly but curable outbreak saw the Harare City Council last year issuing a 48-hour ultimatum to food vendors operating in the city centre to ‘cease operation’ due to a typhoid outbreak. Health authorities claimed at the time that there had been more than 2 300 suspected cases of typhoid nationally, and 12 death

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