In this piece, relationship refers to marriage and also long-term relationship. A stable marriage or long-term relationship is the bedrock of any society; it affects societal peace, harmony and stability. It is therefore necessary for us to know what can make it successful, wonderful and remarkable.
Below are some tips for a wonderful and successful relationship.
1. Mutual respect
You must respect one another; in some societies, women are treated almost like second class citizens, in Africa, women are inhibited by some traditions which by all means are outdated. Women could not vote in some developed countries until a few years ago. Until a few weeks ago, women were not allowed to drive a car in Saudi Arabia. These restrictions have been abused by some men who thus see their spouse as an unequal.
Women who are actually gifted with sharp tongues could lash out on their spouses  if they so wish. So both sexes have their faults. However, for a successful relationship you must respect each other.
Do not talk to your spouse in the manner you cannot talk to your boss, use that as a bench-mark.
Mutual respect is key.

2. Do not compare
Every relationship is unique, never compare your relationship or spouse with another. Doing that puts undue pressure on your spouse and the relationship. Make your plans together and work to make them work
3. Prioritise each other
Be there for each other, create time for each other, always be on the side of your spouse when outside. Your spouse should come first, ditto for your relationship or marriage.
4. Give each other enough space
Allow each other enough space, allow your spouse to actualize himself or herself. We all need our space. Having separate bed rooms in a marriage does not negatively affect a marriage. Sometimes a spouse wants to be alone to rest or think, he or she should be able to do that in his or her room. Choking a spouse is deleterious to a wonderful and successful relationship.
We all need our private time, we need some space.
5. Communicate
Regularly communication is necessary for a successful relationship. Nothing is too difficult to discuss. We all should learn the act of communication so that we do not appear confrontational or combative. Discuss issues with respect for spouse and the relationship. Marshall your points, up the quality of your discussion, stick to the issues. No abusive language.
6. Be kind/Be nice. 
Be kind to your spouse. Give all the help you can to your spouse.
Spending time together during holidays or weekends helps in bonding. Be nice to your spouse and respect if not revere your spouse, appreciate your spouse. Most spouses appreciate the three words –I Love You and should be used with all seriousness as often as possible.
Also respect and be nice genuinely to the relations of your spouse; see them as your relations and treat them as such. The same goes for the parent in-laws.
Do not do anything to spite your spouse, doing that shows disrespect for the institution of marriage.
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7. Have sex regularly
Regular sex is an essential ingredient of a wonderful relationship. Always make time for sex, intimacy strengthens a relationship. Weekends could be ideal if two of you are very busy during the work days.

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