All you need to know about Zika virus infection:
1.What causes Zika virus infection?
2.How does Zika virus spread?
3.When do you suspect you may have Zika virus infection?
4.What can put you at risk?
5.Possible complications of Zika virus infection.
6.Prevention of Zika virus infection

1.Lassa fever: death toll now 101, 18 States and Abuja of Nigeria now affected
2.Colombia links Zika to rare nerve disorder deaths
3.Indonesia struggling with Dengue fever outbreak
4.Active Zika virus found in saliva and urine
5.Earthquake in Taiwan, 14 dead, 300 wounded, several missing
6.People living in countries with public smoking ban are healthier
7.Brazilian Bishops adamant on abortion even in the face of Zika

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