While we know there’s a feeling of wanting to be intimate and at times not wanting to be, but there is also a word called ‘Asexual’ that exists which simply means you don’t want sex at all. Young adults usually have the urge to start relationship and find a partner for natural physical needs, but sometimes there are people who don’t find sex pleasing and usually resist it, the New York Times reported.

Adults who feel asexual don’t even get attracted to celebrities posing shirtless or something unlike their other friends who woo over it. Anthony F. Bogaert, a psychologist and a professor at Brock University in Ontario, Canada, previously mentioned the actual definition of asexuality in her study paper saying that asexual people don’t feel the importance of sex getting involved in romance.

Asexual or aromantic people often think of sexual attraction and romantic attraction as wholly separate feelings, like being emotional in a relationship or getting physical, and later one doesn’t please them as they have lack of sexual attraction.

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