Brazil has approved the use of Dengue fever vaccine manufactured by Sanofi, there has been an outbreak of the disease in the country.

Dengue fever is a disease caused by a virus and characterised by high fever, body pains, severe headache, bleeding into the skin and/or nose bleeds. The fever is more important to us today because its symptoms are similar to those of Ebola fever. Both have no cure, only supportive treatment is available. Death from dengue is about 1 percent in the USA but could be higher elsewhere high but spread is not as rapid as that of Ebola fever. Occasionally epidemics of the disease occur.

Dengue fever is caused by the dengue virus; there are four types of dengue virus.

Dengue fever is spread by female mosquitoes- Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus.The latter is said to be more incriminated in Nigeria; the last case of Dengue reported recently is linked to this mosquito.
The two mosquitoes are present in Hawaii and have the unique characteristic of breeding in the smallest of water collection.

The mosquito bites man during daytime, carries the virus if the man is infected and may pass it on to any other person it bites.
Occasionally, a pregnant woman may pass the virus to the baby in her womb.

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