Doctors working under the British National Health Service will soon be able to prescribe e-cigarette for persons wishing to quit smoking. This follows the approval of one of such products by the UK medicines regulatory body.


E-cigarette contains less nicotine, no tar and does not have the other dangerous chemicals in tobacco; it is therefore less harmful than tobacco but not much is known about it as it is very new.


However  a recent study by Harvard scientists have found about 75 percent of e-cigarettes to contain formaldehyde and flavouring chemical, Diacetyle, both of which cause cancer and the latter is also known to damage the lungs.


The World Health Organisation has always expressed concern about the safety of e-cigarette.


E-cigarettes are battery operated cartridges that contain vapour of nicotine without the tar found in tobacco. They are meant to replace tobacco as they were previously thought to be less harmful,


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