People can become addicted to illegal drugs as well as drugs prescribed by doctors. When prescription drugs are taken the right way, they are safe and there is usually little chance of addiction. However, prescription drugs can be dangerous if they are abused (for example, taking too much or taking them when they are not needed). Moreover, it is most heart-rending to know that there are tons of drugs in circulation which are either adulterated or have old NAFDAC numbers on them, or expired but are still being consumed by ignorant and unsuspecting Nigerians. It is not uncommon this day, for some drugs to have manufacturing date legibly inscribed and having expiry date written illegibly.
It is important to illustrate what drugs such as marijuana do to the body and minds of the users. For instance, marijuana’s smoke is toxic and can lead to serious health disorders, including cancer. The negative effects also include confusion, acute panic reactions, anxiety attacks, fear and loss of self-control. Chronic marijuana users may develop a motivational syndrome characterized by passivity, decreased motivation, and preoccupation with taking drugs. Like alcoholic intoxication, marijuana intoxication impairs judgment, comprehension, memory, speech, and problem-solving abilities. Of particular worry is the permanence of its ill-effect among people who began smoking in adolescence.
Yet, there is hardly any area in Nigeria free of this drug problem and the subsequent criminal behavior of its users.
1. Socio-economic Factors
This has to do with economic and social situation that influences one to engage in the act of experimenting or using hard drugs.
Lack of education: lack of education as well as information might make a person try out hard drugs.
Culture: some cultures encourage giving of alcohol and other hard substances to children and toddlers. Such children usually get use to using such substances and alcohol.
Poverty/Joblessness/financial issues: lack of job or financial issues can push people to the hands of hard drug. Such persons wallow in the hard drug to forget their sorrow and issues
2. External Factors
This speaks about situation around us (environment) that might influence a person to try out hard drugs.
Media influence e.g. internet, pop music: exposure to pop music and other internet activities that encourage use of drug has also influence our youth in participating or engaging in the use of hard drugs
Government laxity against over-the-counter drugs: the laxity attitude of government as well as in-enforcement of laws concerning production and procurement of such drugs has also given room for availability and accessibility to the youth.
3.  Physical Factors
This speaks about physical factors that might influence people to engage in the use of hard drugs
a. Need for extra sexual prowess and stamina; the need for extra prowess sometimes drive other to the lap of hard drugs so that they can perform extra-ordinary
b. Fend off sleep: some people have issue of not wanting to sleep especially during examination period therefore engaging in drug use to stay awake.
c.  Reduce weight: some people believe the use of hard drugs will help them reduce weight as well as help in weight management therefore indulging in the use.
d.  Stamina or strength to work longer and harder: Most people engage in the use of drugs because it helps them to feel nothing while engaging in hard drugs and labor. Majorly it is laborers that uses the hard drug more
Sexual stamina: People take hard or illicit drugs in order to gain sexual vigor. This is a result of suffering from erectile dysfunction while having sexual relationship with loved ones. As a result of this, they use hard drugs.
4. Emotional Factors
This has to do with the emotion on individual and the need to cope; thus engaging in the use of hard drugs
Parental neglect: youths who usually engage use of hard drug do that due to parent neglect and sometimes to get their parents’ attention
Depression: this has to do with the emotional state of a person. For someone who is depressed, such person might engage in the use of hard drugs to stay high and forget the challenges or issues that might be causing the person to get depressed.
Reduce physical or emotional pain: people uses drugs to reduce physical pain as well as emotional pain
Psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety, grief, trauma may push others to seek the hard drug and its effect to deaden the trauma effect on them
Failed relationship: some people use drugs to “cope” with a break-up relationship; it is one of the noted ways to get addiction. They use heroin, meth, cocaine and others in order to quickly put behind the break-up experience.
5. Pressures  
Coping with academic pressure; the stress of assimilating, engaging in school works and reading sometimes drive people into the use of hard drugs.
Peer pressure: this has to be undue pressure from peers to engage in testing and trying different drugs
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6. Availability
Easy availability of these drugs: the accessibility and easy availability of these hard drugs has also contributed to the ease with which the youth engages in them

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