9.  Consume Traditional food- Experts.

A Coordinator of a programme dubbed ‘Slow Food,’ which aims at sensitizing people on the advantages of consuming traditional food. 

Lyne Ukio, has made a call and urged Society to consume traditional foods to avoid lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

According to Mr Ukio, some people have abandoned traditional food such as vegetables and dish of mixed maize and beans, (makande). Adding that Tanzania has more than 120 tribes and each tribe has its own unique traditional dish, but people, especially those living in urban settings, don’t consume such food. He said the consumption of traditional food is one of the best ways to avoid life style diseases.

President of the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity, Carlo Petvini, has said Tanzanians were lucky as nearly all types of cereals and vegetables they need to avoid such diseases are produced in the country

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