Cosmetics use accelerates surgery case on expectant mothers- Experts.
Medical experts here have pointed out that use of cosmetics, particularly those containing deadly chemicals, has been linked to increased cases of surgery on expectant mothers in labor rooms,

they pointed out that despite the outlawing of dangerous beauty creams, soaps containing deadly chemicals such as Mercury, Hydroquinone and Steroids many more women, especially young ladies will suffer in future. Doctor Veronica Mollel, a dermatologist at Kaloleni Hospital in Arusha, Steroids affect uterus and Fallopian tubes, also known as, uterine tubes, saplings and the clottings of these that make it difficult for expectant mothers during baby delivering forcing them undergo caesarean section,” Dr Mollel said of late there has been an increase of caesarean sections in delivery rooms as most ladies seem to be affected by the chemicals whose usage have gone past the skin damaging stage into womb and tube shattering consequences saying that there is possibility of miscarriage caused by overuse of deadly chemicals that make the uterus to become too soft and susceptible to damage thus destroying the foetus,

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