A kiss is symbol of love, adoration, respect and kindness characterized in the main by lip contact. While kissing has its several health implications , it has remained as popular as ever with passionate kisses indicating more love and intimacy than sexual intercourse between couples, hence sex workers rarely kiss their clients.
Kissing is an expression of deep love between couples.
There are different types of kisses; we shall discuss some below.

1. Eskimo kiss
This is an innocent kiss among children, rubbing their noses or their cheeks; it has its origin in Alaska among the Eskimos.
2. Cheek Kiss
This involves contact of the tightly closed lips with the cheek of the partner as a way of saying good bye to a loved one in a public place.
3. Peck
This type of kiss involves contact between closed lips of a couple; it is an expression of love.
4. Single Lip kiss
This type of kiss involves one partner taking one lip of the other partner between his/her two lips and sucking it gently. This if properly donre can be very stimulating.
5. French Kiss
This type of kiss involves contact between the tongues of the partners, hitting each other gently. It is said that master this act requires a lot of practice though the most popular type of kiss. It is only really between couples who are very intimate.
6. Sloppy Kiss
This is the most erotic type of kiss, usually involving open mouths and a lot of exchange of saliva and in most cases ending in sexual intercourse. It is described as wet and wild.
7. Earlobe Kiss
This kiss involves taking the ear lobe of your partner between your lips and sucking it gently down to the ear lobe, it could be very stimulating when masterly done.
8. Angel Kiss
This type of kiss involves contact of your lips with the eyelid of your partner, this is usually meant to gently wake up your partner from sleep.
9. Nibble Kiss
This involves gently biting (nibbling) one or both lips of your partner. It is also quite popular.

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