Fashion can be described as the popular way of life at a given time, like the popular style of clothes, hair, the popular way of behaviour, dressing including make-up, shoes, accessories, body care (tanning) etc and one is said to be fashionable if he/she follows a style that is popular at a particular time. Fashion comes and goes, it never really endures.
There was a time men sparingly had haircut, today the young go for skin cut weekly, they grow beard. Women now like thong pants (underwear), young men like boxers (underwear), both boys and girls like tight jeans.
Women now carry heavy hand bags which I would call boxes, they put all sorts of things in there such that when they receive a phone call they keep searching the whole box, I beg your pardon, the whole bag for the phone.
Being fashionable is part of life, it is a way of life (lifestyle), makes life less boring but a particular fashion could fall into bad lifestyle, normal lifestyle or good lifestyle.
So I say, while it is good to be fashionable, you must be conscious of the possible health implications.
Fashion could lead to bunions, foot/ankle arthritis and back pain, injuries to the feet and pain in the calf muscles. Fashion can affect the functions of the testes and cause infections. It can also cause
Back/ neck pain and cuts/skin depression. Fashion can also increase the risk of cancer.
1. Foot/ankle arthritis
High heel shoes could lead to bunions, foot/ankle arthritis and back pain; this is common in women. Women, to improve their height and carriage, go for high heel shoes which put strain on the ankle joint and the joints of the small bones of the feet; the foot is made up of several small bones held together by ligaments.
They (women) could also suffer from bunion; a painful swelling on the foot especially the big toe.
About thirty years ago, men also wore high heel shoes called orthopaedic shoes but it is out of fashion now.
2. Backpain/Neck pain
It is now a fashion for women to carry heavy hand bags containing all sorts of things they do not really need, hanging them on their shoulders; these heavy bags can cause back and neck pain and if the strap is thin, can leave a depression or a cut on the skin.
3. Injuries
The heavy bags carried by women these days can cut the skin or cause a depression on the skin if they have thin straps. Also thong-underwear can cause skin cuts/injuries. Very flat foot wears also in vogue among men and women increase the risk of injuries to the feet.
4. Reduced fertility
Tight jeans in men can affect the functions of the testes as they increase the temperature in the area thus affecting the sperm producing function of the testes in the negative.
5. Muscle pains
Very flat slip-on foot wears increase the risk of pain in the calf muscles. Carriage of heavy hand bags can also cause pain in the back muscles.
6. Infections
Fashion increases the risk for several infections; tight fitting jeans can cause fungal infections affecting the groins in both men and women, the same goes for tight fitting underwear in men and thong under wear in women.  It is now also fashionable for women to wear tight-fitting underwear and thong underwear, both types can increase the risk of urinary tract infection.
The health implications of tattoos and body piercing are well known; ranging from skin infections, to Hepatitis B and C and HIV.
7. Cancer
A human being especially a woman, is not really quite satisfied with God’s endowment, if she is black,
she wants to be lighter, if she is white, she wants to be darker, hence some go under the sun for tanning. Yes, she could become darker to the admiration of others and herself but tanning increases the risk of cancer of the skin.
So I repeat, while it is good to be fashionable, you must be conscious of the possible health implications.

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