One of the most important assets of a woman is her breast, it enhances her attractiveness and readily noticeable besides the face. Consequently women worry about the size and shape of the breast, whether it is still perpendicular to the body or not.
Men are attracted to different sizes of breast, some men like big breasts, others; medium size or even small breast. A host of men are however indifferent.

However; a lot of women are fixated on the attractiveness of their breasts and hence a lot them can go to any length to show off their bare breasts even in public to attract the opposite sex.
Women hate sagging breasts; breasts whose nipples point downwards and are parallel to the body.
Today we shall discuss some cause of sagging breasts.
Breasts are bound to sag with age, the skin loses its elasticity with age together with loss of fat. This could be accelerated by diet poor in antioxidants such as vegetables and fruits. Also with age; after menopause, the breasts are denied the hormones which affect the breasts; these are oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Consequently, the glands and ducts in the breast shrink leading to sagging.
Heredity seems to play a role in the sagging of breasts, daughters of women with sagging breasts are  more likely to have sagging breasts, this is because like every other thing about human beings, the skin elasticity is determined by inherited genes.
3.Breast size
The size of the breasts also plays a role in sagging, the bigger the breasts the more the probability of sagging.
4.Number of pregnancies
The number of pregnancies also affects the breasts, each pregnancy means increase in size of the breasts through the growth of the ducts and glands and fat accumulation. After breast feeding, the breasts are expected to reduce in size but not to their former sizes; this is repeated in subsequent pregnancies. This growth and reduction in size affects the skin elasticity which can lead to sagging.
Smoking is a risk factor for sagging breasts. Nicotine is said to have free radicals which accelerate loss of collagen in our skin thus reducing the elasticity. It is this loss of skin elasticity that contributes to sagging breasts.  Do not smoke.
6.Exercising without bra
Exercising without wearing appropriate bra can promote sagging; repeated ‘flapping’ or bouncing during exercise is not good for the breasts as it affects the skin elasticity. It is advisable to always wear the appropriate bra when engaged in any form of exercise from running, biking, workout or any other sport.
7.Weight fluctuation
Weight fluctuation encourages breast sagging, weight gain followed by rapid weight loss means loss of fat in the breasts and of course the elasticity of the skin; with loss of elasticity of the skin, the breasts sag. Women are advised to lose weight gradually.
8.Wearing wrong bra size
Wearing fitting bra gives your breasts shape and discourages sagging. Change your bra when old and less supporting/fitting.

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