The use of computer is now global and infact has been since 1975. In the United States where there is some good record keeping and statistical data, about 75 percent of homes have computers. The all time sales figure for all types of computers is about 4.2 billion; from 1975 to 2014.
Computer now adorns offices and homes, business centres and game rooms, infact, the computer is now part of human life.
Some persons operate the computer as a profession; such as secretaries, while others use it for their work. Students now own computers to aid their learning; some children own computers for games.
The exposure is therefore universal.

This may be the greatest problem but it is not easily obvious. It is common in children who can play computer games all day long, even neglecting food. In adults those interested in  blue films and related matters can easily become addicted as one item  usually leads you to another item. You can become sucked in. Work can become a distraction if one is not disciplined.

2.Repetitive Stress Injury
Computer users carry out repetitive movements with the hand and neck, but more with the hand. Such movements can result in pains in the hands, lower arms and neck. A well known case is the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in which there is numbness, tingling sensation in the hands and pain in the wrists.
A reduced movement of the wrists, activity in the arms more, can reduce or prevent this syndrome.  Use of a mouse can also help.

3.Blurred Vision (Computer vision syndrome)
Bright lights, sometimes glaring and rapid moving (flickering) images strain the eyes and after prolonged use, the vision of a user can become blurred due partly to dryness of the eyes. This is called Computer Vision Syndrome.
This can be addressed or prevented by blinking regularly, disengaging from the computer at intervals to rest the eyes, adjusting the brightness of the computer screen and adjusting the contrast.

4.Musculoskeletal Pains
Computer users sit for a long time and if the ergonomics are not properly addressed in setting up the work station, the computer may experience severe back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, waist and leg pains, all due to muscle soreness and fatigue.
This can be prevented by sitting up straight while on the computer and ensuring if possible that the screen is at the same level with your eyes so you do not need to look up or down at the screen.
Also, we should move around off our computer at intervals of about two hours for ten minutes to stress the muscles.

Being glued to the computer all day reduces our physical activity, which means we burn less calories. This can lead to weight gain especially in children.
Monitor number of hours spent on the computer by children so they do not spend more than four hours a day on the computer.

6.Deep Vein Thrombosis
Sitting for long hours while working on the computer can lead to pooling of blood in the veins of the legs. Such pooling of blood in the legs increases the risk of blood coagulation (Thrombosis). This is a dangerous health and can lead to sudden if the clot breaks off and blocks a small artery say In the heart or brain.
We should move around after every one hour of being on the computer for about five minutes ; this will aid blood circulation in your legs. It is similar to making long journeys. Stockings can also help to improve blood movement;  you could wear them.

One can strain the muscles of the eyes as vision diminishes with use of computers, you may not known on time and you struggle to see what you doing properly , this can cause headache. The neck muscles which are attached to the base of the skull can also lead to headaches following prolonged use of the computer; the neck is continuously moved up and down.

8.Low Sperm Counter
This may happen in the case of laptops if the user has the habit of placing the computer on the thighs, the heat emanating from the computer can affect the testes negatively resulting in low sperm production. The testes are situated outside the body because of the temperature inside our body, the outside temperature is lower.
We should avoid placing the computer on our thighs, put it on a table .

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