Ethiopia is set to host the 3rd International Dental Exhibition in Africa slated to be held from December 14 to 16 at the Economic Commission for Africa. The exhibition which will bring 50 international exhibitors together is organized by the Italian Trade Agency in collaboration with Italian Dental Industries Association (UNIDI) and Ethiopian Dental Professional Association (EDPA). EDPA Secretary, Dr. Natenael Birhanu told The Ethiopian Herald that the international event envisions to bring major manufacturers of medical and dental knowledge, equipment and materials to Africa and thereby they display the latest technologies and product of the sectors.

The sector is understandably compromised due to some other health priorities. There has been wrong perception towards dental health, to this end; the exhibition would showcase the importance of technological advancement in dental treatments. Some 12 countries would exhibit their products at the expo. And many major European manufacturers of medical and dental requirements would accompany the exhibition as well. The exhibition was previously held Senegal. Italian Trade Agency’s decision to stage the exhibition has come because of Ethiopia’s growing economy and aviation industry which will make it easier for logistic transportation. The exhibition is believed to be a platform for cooperation between the international and local medical, dental and pharmaceutical industries, he says According to Dr. Natenael, Ethiopian dental clinics are faced with shortage of equipment and advance technologies. Hence, the exhibition would bridge the gap and foster the linkage between the local clinics and international manufacturers.

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