3. Expert urges expectant mothers on regular checkup. 
As part of activities to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) on maternal mortality rate in Tanzania, a medical expert, Dr. Theresia Mwalo who specializes on women has said that,

pregnant women can develop unpredictable life threatening complications if unless they undergo regular medical checkups, adding that delays on decision making by relatives on regular check up for pregnant women at a community level contributes to a greater extent numerous deaths of expectant mothers when they are about to give birth. Dr. Nwalo has said that most mothers arrives at the hospitals late for delivery due to some reasons which she said if prompt actions could be taken as per the medical advices, quite a good number of them could be saved from losing their lives and most mothers do not take into considerations medical advices issued by attendants at the clinics which they attend that could enable them monitor the development of their pregnancies up to the time of their deliveries. Dr. Mwalo suggested that the government should recruit more trained midwives as the number available in most hospitals is not enough to accommodate the number of expectant mothers who arrives for delivery

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