Fertility boost through ‘energy test’
Testing the “energy supply” in an embryo could improve the odds of having a baby through IVF, University of Oxford researchers say.  They analysed the activity of microscopic power stations called mitochondria in 111 embryos. The data, being presented at a conference, found a 0% pregnancy rate if mitochondrial activity was high. Experts said the results were an exciting development that may boost IVF success rates.

There is huge effort being put into improving IVF – for women under the age of 35, only about of third of cycles result in a baby
One approach is to select the healthiest embryo to implant into a woman’s womb from the multiple embryos made during IVF.Visibly inspecting the embryos and checking they have the correct set of chromosomes, or genetic information, from both mother and father increase success rates. 

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