1. Bad government is a major cause of stress
Bad government can also be a major cause of stress; bad government means lack of electric power, lack of potable water, bad roads leading to heavy traffic and flooding, poor healthcare delivery system leading to heavy out-of-pocket spending on healthcare, poor housing and high cost of education. Bad government can also lead to internal conflicts and its attendant fallouts.

2. Alcohol encourages obesity
Alcohol encourages fat in the abdomen. There are some many men who appear pregnant, most times it is due to fat deposit in abdominal region. This type of fat deposit is associated with diabetes and high blood cholesterol.

3. Food Hygiene Prevents Polio.
Food is another medium of spread. Food should be thoroughly cooked before eating and
must be eaten hot. Food not to be eaten immediately must be covered to protect it from
flies. Kept food must be warmed to an appreciable temperature before being eaten.
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4. Piles are common in pregnancy
Straining associated with constipation can lead to the development of piles, also the pressure of the baby on blood vessels. Piles due to pregnancy disappear after delivery but it is better to prevent the constipation in the first place.

5. Tuberculosis Spreads through the air.
TB spreads from person to person through spit of an infected person that has dried up. When dried up, it with the germs it contains can be blown by wind and any one can breathe it in. Very rarely it can spread by direct contact with the saliva or cough of a person with the disease. Very rarely too, it can spread from animal to person through unsterilized milk

6. Maternal Deaths more common among teenagers
Studies have shown that girls aged 15-19 years are twice as likely to die from childbirth as are women in their twenties.
Also, girls aged less than 15 years are five (5) times more likely to die from child birth than women in their twenties.
This may be due to the following reasons: teenage girls are not physically and psychologically ready for pregnancy, poor knowledge on ante–natal or lack of knowledge, poverty, neglect by family and society, poor access to healthcare system.

7. Smoking shortens life by about 10 years.
Owing to the various health problems associated with smoking, smokers die earlier than non-smokers by about 10 years.

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