Whether we agree or not, life is all about men and women, men want to please women while women want to do things that will attract men. Below are some things in men that can turn on women.
Women like men who are ambitious and pursue the ambition with a passion; they are turned off by men who are laid back, lazy and with no drive. That is why some women admire and even turned on by rebels, revolutionaries, and even armed robbers

Women are easily turned on by men in political positions, captains of industry, their bosses, and any other man in high position in society. That is why offices of political leaders and office holders, no matter the level are filled with women; both young and old, married and single.
Intelligence attracts women and also turns them on; in a class, intelligent boys no matter their looks have more than their share of women following. For some women, intelligence means sexy, it intrigues women, more so if the intelligence is accompanied by the ability to carry on good conversations.
4.Social Status
Many women are turned on by social positions; rich men, members of rich families, royalty, successful artists, authors, celebrities (Footballers, sportsmen, singers etc), political icons etc.
Women are turned off by weaklings who do everything demanded by their women, he would be called a “woman wrapper” by other women. A man is expected to assert himself whenever necessary, this does not mean oppressing the women, but the man be able to take difficult decisions if the need arises. Soft and passive men turn off women.
Appearance turns on women, for some it is the physical appearance; being tall and powerfully built or being of average build, for others; it is the dressing, the well kept body (clean shaved or well trimmed beard, well kept hair), shoes, wrist watch, perfume, voice, speech, and general comportment.
7.Being Considerate
Some women are turned on by considerate men, those who are attentive, who listen to them, pay a lot attention to them and their needs, devote a lot of time to them and treat them as being special.
Laughter, they say, is the best medicine. Some women are easily turned on by men who are humourous and are fun to be with. There are no dull moments, there are always things to discuss and laugh about.

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    Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

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