March 14, 2014

The human mind is an amazing thing, a complex machine. A person who does not understand that a greater part of human life is lived in the invincible space between our ears would have thought nothing at all was going on.

A mind properly fed, nourished and trained can transcend all the limitations of the body. It can dine under the earth or out into space. With this in mind, needless to stress that taking proper and adequate care of one’s mind is highly recommendable.

It will be brilliant if we can imaginatively transport ourselves from the unpleasantness, hassles and shear dreariness of daily life. Without the innate capacity to teleport ourselves out of our bodies, survival definitely will become difficult.

It is a wonderful thing when our inner worlds are brightly coloured and rich, but our minds can just as easily go dark. When they do, it can be difficult to escape back into a better reality.

There is a downward inner spiral which owes less to the unhappy experience or depressive thought which started it and more to the cumulative gravity of the negative state of mind.

For many people, this inward gloom is triggered by the outward gloom which comes with the lack of winter light. If you suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), this could be happening to you as the days get shorter. Understanding the way your mind works is a key to managing its moods and states. When your mood and state are stable, you can then enjoy good health. A pleasant train of thought can suddenly and surprisingly derail into a feeling of sadness. It is advisable to learn to track back and notice where the mental and emotional point got disjointed.

The mind is a huge repository of memories and feelings, all waiting to be brought to the surface by some random irrational process.

Getting a grip and pulling ourselves together when we find ourselves in an involuntary state of negative thoughts and feelings, is more complex than taking a pill, though it can be done. Use the mind to help itself.

Getting lost in another world in order to escape the one you are in is a good technique. What is bad is to do it through alcohol or drugs. It is far better to use the strategy of art, music and literature. These are faculties that can create other worlds for us to enter in order to transform our experience, earn our gratitude and often lots of money.

The mind likes to be somewhere other than the body. Thanks to the literary works of some poet and authors which offer an infinite number of escape routes.

However, it is interesting to note that meditation is the best way to learn how to recognize the way the mind can go blank. Trying to stop your thoughts is the best way to teach you how unstoppable thinking is. But you can learn to observe your thoughts and becoming observer of your own thoughts can drain them of a lot of their emotional power over you.

In time and with constant practice, it is hoped that this will help you to bring calm to your inner turbulence.


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