How to live a long and healthy Life.

Life span can be defined as the maximum length of time a human being is likely to live and function. As of today it is said to be 120 years. That means you and I can live up to 120 years if we take care of ourselves very well. What we need to do are few and quite simple but we need discipline.

1.Never Retire From Informal Work
We must not retire from all forms of work otherwise we will vegetate and die early. When we retire from employment or our business, we must keep ourselves busy through community work. If you are self-employed, do not retire, reduce your hours of work. As long as you work, your muscles are active and your brain is also active. Inactivity leads to early death

2.Exercise Regularly
Regular exercise puts your body and heart in good shape. There are about four types of exercises—Aerobic exercise (running, Thread mill, Cycling, swimming etc), static/muscle building exercise (weight lifting etc), Balancing exercise and Stretching exercise.

Exercise also burns off excess fat and carbohydrate you do not need. Obesity can lead to diabetes and heart disease.

3.Eat Fibre rich Foods
Eat fibre rich foods such a as fruits, vegetables, wheat bread, oatmeal, cereals, nuts etc, to ward off colon cancers, reduce incidence of diabetes and several other life threatening conditions. At the same time avoid excessive consumption of sugar and other carbohydrate and also fatty foods.

4.Avoid Alcohol/Smoking
Alcohol and tobacco smoking are responsible for a lot of killer diseases such cancers, heart disease and several others. Besides you could become addicted. Avoid them

5.Live a Regimented Life
Try to live a regimented life, regular sleep and wake up times ( 10 pm and 6 am) respectively. After a while, your body gets used to the routine. Same goes for meal times.
Minimum sleep time for an adult should be about 6 hours.

Maintain a social network with family, friends, and loved ones. Daily phone calls to family members and friends are essential.
Be serious with everything you do , be organised, focused and determined in the pursuit of your chosen endeavor. Have integrity and be dependable. Relax during weekends or holidays with your family and friends. Take your annual leaves and travel to see new places of interest.

7.Encourage Spousal Support
Emotional spousal support is key for long life, people with nagging spouses are likely to under- perform and die early, before 60 years.
Research has shown that just hugging reduces blood pressure. When you are loved and also love somebody you are more will to live long, you are happy and that helps to reduce your blood pressure. Show genuine love to your spouse if you want him/her to live long.

8.Go for Periodic Medical Check-up
The importance of regular medical check-up cannot be over emphasized. Once in a year or once in two years depending on your age, a medical check-up is advised. A disease if picked up early can be easily controlled or cured.

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