Stress is a natural occurrence, no one passes through life without stressful periods, this could be due to deadlines, workload, relationships, natural disasters, death of loved ones, divorce and financial commitments. There are so many stressors in the society, some of these life events can be prevented, you can prepare your mind for some and weather the storm while the others could be ameliorated by self-control in case of unexpected natural and financial disasters.

1. Social Networking
Social Networking helps to cope with stress. Regular communications either by visit and phone calls to friends and family members are quite useful. Most useful are calls or visits to those you feel most comfortable with. Those you love and who love you in return are invaluable in stressful periods.

2. Time Management
You can prevent stress by managing your time properly. Daily activities should be appropriately spaced out. In a city where the traffic situation is terrible like Lagos, enough lead-time must be given for appointment, otherwise you find yourself racing against time and that can be very very stressful.
In developed societies where even family visits are based on appointments and traffic not chaotic, it is much easier to manage time. In Nigeria, apart from the problem of visits without appointments, there is also the problem of “African Time”, managing our time is not easy.

3. Adequate Relaxation (exercise, eat well, sleep well)
Relax by regular exercise, meditation, or yoga if you are into that. You can also relax by listening to music that is suitable for you, or watching movies. Some others relax by reading novels.
Insist on your annual leave and travel out of your town of residence, could be to the village or out of the country.
Always try to have a good night sleep. Finally, always make time to rest and relax.

4. Good Communication
Bottling up problems builds up stress. Communicate your problems or fears to those close to you, problem shared is problem half solved.

5. Self-Control
Exercising self-control in the face of disaster helps to bring down stress or prevent stress. Taking control of self makes it easier to manage a crisis situation more effectively. It is easier to deal with stress if you have self-confidence and persevere. Always be in charge

6. Avoid over-ambition/Set achievable Targets
Anyone who is not ambitious is not fit to live, one must be ambitious but must not set unachievable goals. Attempting to achieve what is unachievable under prevailing environment is a big source of stress. You will put yourself in over-drive.
Set achievable targets and gradually raise the bar, in that way, you are unlikely to create a stressor.

7. Have a positive outlook
Pessimism can easily lead to stress. One must be optimistic, optimism helps to deal with stress. Focus on the positive things of life and always believe that tomorrow will be better.

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