Everyone between the ages of 18 and 65 years is a worker employed in the formal or informal sectors of the economy; whatever work one does has health implications.  Diseases associated with work include cancers, accidents, muscles/bone diseases, lung diseases, stress, hypertension, communicable diseases and many others.

However some occupations are very dangerous and yet these are the least paying jobs.
Below are some of the most dangerous jobs in the world.
Wood is one the most priced natural resource, some countries which a lot from wood include Canada, the United States of America, Russia, India, Brazil, , China, DRC- Congo, Ethiopia and Nigeria. However wood logging is a very dangerous job; falling trees can kill or maim, also the cutting machine can cause accident. Loggers risk their lives every day they go out to work.
2.Oil rig workers
Oil rig workers usually spend about two-three weeks on the rig and then the same period off. Not everyone on the rig is a technical staff, some are support staff.
These rigs are usually offshore, so there is loneliness, cramped sleeping quarters; the technical persons can go down holes occasionally for some repairs and to carry out other drilling activities.
The technical jobs are very dangerous.
3.Coal miners
Coalmine accidents are common due collapse of mines or caving in. in some cases, the miners are trapped for days and the later rescued. In a few cases the miners are buried alive. Coal mining usually takes place several kilometers underground with drive tracks for special vehicles. Coal mining is a very dangerous job.
4.Truck drivers
Truck driving is a very dangerous job, yet trucks play a big part in logistics all over the world. Truck drivers drive long distances in most cases without rest at intervals. Accidents are common, also fatigue and exhaustion. Accidents are worse in developing countries where the roads are terrible. Road traffic accidents are leading cause of death all over the world.
5.High Rise window cleaners
Cleaners of high rise windows ply a very dangerous trade. Accident can occur due to failed equipment or wind, hence no cleaning is done when the weather is windy. Those who are afraid of height or who are suffering from vertigo should not be high rise window cleaners.
6.Heavy construction workers
Heavy construction work includes building of bridges, dams, stadia and high rise buildings. Accidents are common due to falls, equipment failure or collapse like what happened in Saudi Arabia recently. Several people in Brazil during construction works for the last World Cup, so heavy construction workers run very high risk.
7.Underwater welders
Under water welders could suffer from decompression illness, underwater explosion during the welding, electric shocks, and hypothermia (very low body temperature). Death is common.
8.Sewer cleaners
Cleaning of sewage lines is a very dangerous job, workers are faced with the terrible stench, bites from rodents and infectious diseases such as cholera.

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