A relationship is a loving and/or sexual friendship between two people of the opposite or same sex.
Life is all about men and women, men want to please women while women want to do things that will attract men.  Health stable relationships help stabilize society, stability means emotional satisfaction to a large extent. It is the duty of both persons in the relationship though only one person may be on the driver’s sit.
In about 99.9 percent of relationships the man is older, emotionally more mature (though debatable) and physically stronger but that is where it should end.
Relationship being discussed here is that between a man and a woman, married or unmarried.
Some ways to maintain a healthy relationship are listed below but the list is not exhaustive.
1. Touch each other often
Touching each other regularly helps to keep a relationship alive and warm. It could just be holding hands, patting on the back or cheek, a cheek kiss if outside, a peck if in doors and so many other little things. In the house this can takevplace any where especially if you two are alone.
2. Keep the relationship sexy
Ensure that you remain attracted to each other. Take very care of yourselves, this applies to both partners. Men used to assume that only women needed to make themselves attractive but this has changed, these days men cut their hair regularly, young men grow ‘Osama Bin Laden’ beard to attract girls and the girls are actually going for it. Both partners must look and be clean all the time , dress well, and in the tropics like Nigeria must take their morning and evening. Brush your teeth twice a day ; in the morning and at night before going to bed. Perfume your body.
3. Give emotional support to each other
Life has its Ups and Downs, be there for each other. It could stress at the work place or extended family problems, be there for each other. There is so much relief when someone you care for is with you in body and soul.
4. Be loyal to each other
Loyalty is key in a relationship. Maintain the same position on issue especially outside, support his or her position. There is no room for divided in a healthy relationship, loyalty should be unqualified. If you cannot give that then quit the relationship.
5. Operate a common account
Operate a common account for common goals like house-keeping, rents, school fees, vacations etc. while also maintaining individual accounts especially in certain communities where support to extended family members is expected. In that case you can help your extended family members without recourse to your partner who may object for no reason except selfishness.
6. Get along with each other’s family
A relationship should be seen as a total package involving the two families; it is never really healthy if you do not get along with the family of your partner. Do all that is humanly possible to get along with the family of your partner, it brought your partner up before you met each other and there is always the sentimental attachment deep down.
7. Consider sex as fun not a chore
Consider sex a fun and it should take place anywhere within the house if you live alone; never see it as a job because it is not. It is both for procreation and deep seated bonding. A relationship being discussed does not exist without at least one form of sex.
8. Let there be humour in the house
Be a comedian if you must, laughter, they say, is the best medicine. Some women are easily turned on by men who are humorous and are fun to be with. There are no dull moments, there are always things to discuss and laugh about.
Let there be fun always when you are together, life is short.



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