Marital break-up may lead to eczema, muscle pain

Marital break-up and divorce can cause physical ailments — including eczema and muscle pain — apart from emotional problems, suggests a new study. 

 Around 60 per cent of people suffer physical symptoms, which might include migraine, eczema or back trouble, usually the result of muscular tension apart from stress, low mood, depression and insomnia,” said Charlotte Friedman, Therapist based in Britain as quoted by Daily Mail. While Men tend to suffer more long-term health issues after divorce, women are more seriously affected in the short-term, the study suggested. The study showed that psychological stress increases the damage caused by free radicals – unstable molecules which attack healthy cells and are believed to play a part in heart disease, cancer and other serious diseases. Under duress, the body produces more of the fight-or-flight hormone cortisol, which destabilises the body’s immune system and makes it less able to fight off illness. Numerous studies have identified a link between stress levels and cancer. Health experts attribute these effects to stress and grief.

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