Nigeria: Family Planning – 18,950 Condoms Used At Abuja Hospital in 2016
The Maitama District Hospital in Abuja says its 2016 data shows that condom used is the most preferred family planning method evidenced by 18,950 male condoms uptake.

Known as the barrier method, the hospital said 403 female condoms compared to 266 oral contraceptives, 261 injectables, 260 intrauterine contraceptive methods, and 172 implants, have been accepted by patients. Speaking at United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and UK Department of International DeveloPment (DFID) facilitated visits Thursday in Abuja, the Chief Medical Director of Maitama District Hospital, Dr Adetoun Sotimehim said contraceptive use at the hospital has increased to 61 per cent among their patients. According to Sotimehim, family planning commodities and services at the hospital are free courtesy of the funding from DFID through UNFPA adding that this has improved the uptake FP service among women in the FCT. She also sought UNFPA’s assistance in manpower training, acquisition of information technology equipment to connect the family planning clinic to the larger hospital ICT space and a commodity mobilization vehicle to scale up their FP services.

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