A new study from Sachiko Ozawa at the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health estimates that between 2011-2020, the majority of Countries in Africa will collectively see a net economic benefit of $224 billion by investing in immunization programs.

At our current rate of progress ,we are not on track to meet the ultimate goal of reaching all children with vaccines. One  in five children still do not receive the vaccination they need.Of the 10 Countries with the most unvaccinated children,5 are African: DR Congo,Ethiopia Nigeria,South Africa and Uganda; the team leader said
African Countries continue to miss reduction targets for cases of Tetanus, Measles, Rubella and Meningitis.They need to invest in clinics and healthcare workers and healthcare delivery systems; putting in place basic infrastructure that can help save more lives.
Strong Primary healthcare systems are critical to our long term development, he concluded.

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