This story was first told in 2008, it is reproduced today because the motivating effect remains:

The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines education as a process of teaching, training and learning to improve knowledge and develop skills.

In this age of information explosion, some people are still caught complacent, choosing not to explore, while others are eager to acquire more knowledge and personal development, their peculiar circumstances notwithstanding.

It is important that we do not allow our short- term challenges or immediate needs becloud our sense of understanding and decision – making especially regarding what we want to become in life.

Specialists say that education should be a continuous thing spanning through life, irrespective of age, class, and social status. Some people, out of sheer doggedness, still distinguish themselves by deciding what is going to happen to them in life.

One of such persons is Mrs. Nonoo Eunice Ayo, a 60- year old widow from Osun State.

Already, she parades two degrees in “linguistics and history” from the University of Lagos.

Mrs. Nonoo has an insatiable desire for knowledge despite her age and a protacted eye problem. Last year (2007), she dared all odds to seek admission for her second degree. Even when she has less than a year to retire from her employment as a teacher, she is determined to complete her Masters degree in international Relations and statistics and go forward to acquire a PhD some day.

Perhaps, Mrs. Nonoo remains a good example in determination and a big lesson for people in our society who feel that as soon as old age and retirement set in, it is bye to formal education and similar tasks.
This rare display of love for knowledge implies that, for you to be transformed to where you want to be, it costs nothing but raw determination and the ability to make the choice.

“What you may not realize is that, you have the same opportunity and ability to learn and develop yourself not withstanding your age or challenges.

It is also important that you have the ability to change any situation in your life, “said Nonoo.

And to do that, you have to embark on a journey of personal development through increased learning and acquiring more knowledge. Remember “you are where you are today because you choose to be there. If you want to be different, you have to be in a process of change,” said Zig Ziglar, a renowned author.
Also on personal development, Sir Alexandra Graham Bell, another re-known author, said, “A man, as a general rule, owes very little to what he is born with, but what he makes of himself”.
For those who feel discouraged in actualizing their destiny, Mrs. Nonoo advises that “whenever you have something good to do, or a target goal concerning education, you should not listen to what people would say. Rather, remain focused on your target till you succeed.”

“In fact, when I look at the way things are going in this part of the world, I regret being born in Africa, because here, people feel there is age limit in education.”

Madam Nonoo says education does not end with first degree. “And as much as God could help you, be ready to learn at all times and at all costs.

As a way of keeping herself busy and happy after retirement, Mama Nonoo said “I’m not yet fulfilled. When I retire next year, apart from going into full-time business, I intend going in for my third degree and spend the rest of my life serving humanity as an ambassador or high commissioner either within or outside the country.

If you desire fulfillment in life, you must realize that the best time for learning is to learn always. And be ready to dare all odds in harnessing your potential to the fullest”.
She concludes.

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