A Veterinary Doctor, Dr. Uche Njoku of the MichealOkpara University of Agriculture Umudike, Abia State and a security expert/dog-rearer, Dr. Cyra Obi, Managing Director of Trustlink ventures Nigeria Limited yesterday have counseled on dog meat consumers to be wary of the type of dogs they eat since they stand the risk of being infected with rabies if they eat unvaccinated dogs.  And those who keep or rear dogs but cannot vaccinate them appropriately to cease indulging in the dog-rearing business.
According to the Veterinary Doctor, Dr. Uche Njoku, eating dog meat poses great danger because one may not know the dog’s history to know which one was appropriately reared by being vaccinated against rabies. Commenting on the risk of being infected with rabies, Dr. Obi said that keeping dogs is not an easy task hence keepers must involve professionals to prescribe the foods and ensure vaccination against rabies.

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