Saudi-German Hospital to invest $50m in Nigeria

Speaking to a group of journalists in Abuja, yesterday, the hospital’s chief consultant cardiac surgery, Dr Basem Duwederi, international business development manager George Davis and the international patient manager, Semira Dikbas, disclosed that The Saudi-German Hospital, Dubai (SGHD), United Emirates,

has disclosed that it would invest the sum of $30m to build a hospital in Nigeria, in order to cut the costs of travel, lodging and accommodation for Nigerians who always come over to the hospital in the Gulf country monthly, and that the move would also help develop the Nigerian health sector and Nigerian universities to improve medical research and help out with resident programmes for young doctors.

Speaking on this, George Davis also said “We are looking for the right partners who can help us get into this market, because, as it is, it is quite new and we have no prior knowledge of the market [Nigeria]. Each country has its own demand for the healthcare, but the demand in Nigeria is one which we feel we need to tap into. The initial investment is going to be $50million, but we can do with some home content and  some help from our partners, because of a number of other factors peculiar with the Nigerian market,”

As for the hospital’s area of specialisation, Duwederi disclosed that the hospital covered every specialty, from general surgery to complicated cardiac surgery, paediatric surgery and oncologic surgery, gynaecology, IOD and general internal medicine.

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