Women are turned off by weaklings (men) who do everything demanded by their women, they would be called “woman wrapper” by other women. A man is expected to assert himself whenever necessary, this does not mean oppressing the women, but the man be able to take difficult decisions if the need arises. Soft and passive men turn off women.

On the other hand appearance turns on women, for some it is the physical appearance; being tall and powerfully built or being of average build, for others; it is the dressing, the well kept body (clean shaved or well trimmed beard, well kept hair), shoes, wrist watch, perfume, voice, speech, and general comportment.
However, great sex is not determined by the above;  a sexual encounter is an emotional and spiritual activity. It may not mean much to men as many see it as just another conquest but for a woman it is giving her most prized possession; if she has to do it, she will like to enjoy it; forget any pretentions.
Satisfying your partner should be the goal of the man and the woman but the man has a greater job, that is, by divine providence.
Here are a few steps to prepare for a great sex.
1.Sex texting
You start the preparation in the morning or previous day with sex text, the text should profess your love and admiration for her. You could remind her of the last time if it was memorable. You could also use a poem or a love card; tell her how much you want her.
This is meant to psyche her up and kick-start her expectations.
2.Evening outing
You can take an evening walk together if it is safe enough, visit the gym together; an exercise increases blood supply down below, visit the movie or have a meal in a cozy restaurant with classical/jazz music in the background; the effect is very soothing and bonding. Some red wine will not be bad but very little, otherwise you could be in the mood but unable to perform
3.Watch an adult film
Watching adult or pornographic films together in the comfort of the bedroom can put you in the mood for love making, and if the urge comes while you are watching the film; go for it.
4.Share your fantasies/ Talk dirty
Talk dirty when you two are alone and share your ffrom there to the bedantasies; no hold back. You are supposed to be friends and loves. Being free with each other creates a pathway to great sex.
5.Take a bath together
Taking a shower or warm bathe together after the outing raises the mood for sex. If you are rich enough to have a Jacuzzi bath tub; fantastic. Spoil yourselves first in the Jacuzzi and then proceed to the bed to complete the assignment.
6.Take a chocolate to bed
Chocolate is considered an aphrodisiac by some as it contains some chemicals like Phenyl-ethylamine (which is similar to amphetamine), Tryptophan which can be used in the production of serotonin, Andandamine which mimics the effects of cannabis, Caffeine and Theobromine. All these have the effects of increased desire, arousal and sexual satisfaction in women and men.
7.Use lubrication
Lubricants make the vagina more slippery and easier for penetration. Sex is more sensual and enjoyable with the use of lubricants. They are three types of lubricants:- water-based, oil-based and silicon-based. The commonest water based lubricant is K-Y jelly while the commonest oil based lubricant is Vaseline. Apart from lubricating the vagina, massaging the penis with lubricant can make erection stronger.

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