New trial test to cancer vaccine- UK researchers.
A team of UK researchers is testing a new vaccine in Britain in order to help fight against advanced cancer.
The researchers hopes that the results would take them one step closer to developing an effective but non-toxic cancer therapy that can be used in clinical practices.

Dr. James Spicer, the lead researcher said the vaccine works by resembling the natural immune responses generated by the body against bacterial and viral infections and that all patients with any solid tumor irrespective of their type of cancer, tumor and genetic profile will benefit from this sort of treatment.
Pregnant women warned against zika travel
Prof Paul Cosford of the Public Health England has advised pregnant women in England not to travel to areas with the Zika virus out-break saying that this virus might pose harm to babies in the womb.
He added that this advice will be kept under review and up dated as more information becomes available in the UK..

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