Following the discovery that an estimated 64 percent of the Nigerian populace is overweight, Eniola Karunwi, who herself lost 50 kilos through the famous Cambridge Weight Plan, CWP, has continued to fill the gap in the Nigerian Health & Wellness industry for an effective and sustainable nutritional approach to weight loss and maintenance.

In the past five years, since she launched the Nigerian franchise, over 6,000 Nigerians have benefited from numerous weight loss and lifestyle changes, while a number of clients have trained to become Cambridge Consultants.

Committed to helping clients achieve their weight loss and weight maintenance goals through bespoke programmes tailored to suit every individual need, more than 30 million people have benefoted from the CWP designed to control weight through the one-to-one support provided by Cambridge Consultants.

Recognised as one of the most researched weight management products in the world, the CWP was created by biochemist Dr Alan Howard and his colleague Dr Ian McLean-Baird, in their bid to develop the “perfect diet”. The CWP formula produces excellent weight loss results and following many years of research, the first commercial version known then as The Cambridge Diet, launched in the UK in 1984.

Although CWP Nigeria is only available through trained Cambridge Consultants, who have all successfully completed Cambridge Weight Plan programmes, Eniola says they supply products as well as offer support, motivation, encouragement and advise clients throughout the process. “Once a client’s goal weight has been reached, the consultant assists clients with long term weight maintenance.

“According to research, being obese can take up to nine years off of a person’s lifespan and increases the chances of developing a range of health related problems. Obesity is a growing problem in Nigeria and CWP provides an affordable solution for people who want to become healthier and live longer” said Eniola.

There are a wide range of products including shakes, soups, chewy and crunchy bars, tasty porridge, savoury rice, ready meals, fabulous desserts and bonus extras. Recently, three new products were added to the range, at the CWP Product Launch & Awareness Day. All CWP products contain the vitamins, minerals and trace elements needed for balanced nutrition and healthy weight loss.

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