Guild of Medical Directors has said that for the country to attain its dream of becoming one of the top 20 economies by the year 2020, Nigerians must imbibe the culture of regular medical checkups so as to prevent the rise in communicable and non-communicable disease.

President of the guild, Tony Philips, gave the advice at an interaction with journalists in Abuja, on Sunday.

He also warned Nigerians to be weary of their lifestyles in order to prevent health challenges and untimely deaths . According to him: “People should know how to live their lifestyle which we know is leading to a lot of problems such as cancer, diabetes, premature deaths and so on, among the populace.

“In fact, life expectancy is beginning to be affected by our lifestyle. We are trying to use this medium to advise people to make sure they make comprehensive annual medical check-up part of their routine.

“It is not proper for people to keep moving through life without any medical checkup. If we can take our cars to mechanic for servicing, then we humans should cultivate the habit of going once in a while to a medical facility for routine medical checkup.

“Families should be well packaged. People should know that it is not good to have a lot of children. You should be able to space the number of children you have so that you have a healthy, well brought up and balanced family which you can cope up with and bring up children who will be useful to the nation,” he stressed. Philips, however, called on the incoming Muhammadu Buhari-led government not to overlook the private medical experts in its appointments in the health sector.

“The incoming government should not overlook the private sector in its appointments. It is very important that the private sector should be given due consideration when they are thinking of people who should occupy medical positions in the country because they will help the government achieve what it want to achieve,” he noted.

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