Conjoined Guinean twin baby boys have been successfully separated in Paris, a humanitarian organisation announced Monday, after a high-risk marathon operation. Boubacar and Hassan were born in Guinea’s capital Conakry in January, the first conjoined twins to survive birth in the impoverished African country, according to the charity “La Chaine de l’espoir” which paid for them to be taken to France along with their mother.

“They went through a delicate operation to be separated and can now live a normal life,” said the charity, which aims to give access to medical treatment and education to poor children. The twins were joined at their abdomen and shared part of the same intestine and liver. According to the Le Figaro daily, the operation took place in the Necker hospital for children on Tuesday and lasted some 10 hours. While not a first, these types of operations are still hugely risky. In March, a five-year-old Brazilian boy died after surgery to separate him from his conjoined twin brother.

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